Family Is Everything

It’s been a minute since the last post so I wanted to update the world on our pups and the family. Mike and Susy are great. House is run by the dogs, per usual, but everyone loves it.

The oldest, Erin, is pregnant with baby number two and only now starting to show a real bump. She’s due in September. So our baby girl Harper gets a baby sister, Riley! Erin’s other half, Dale, did a career overhaul and graduated police academy then got hired with PBSO. Shout out to our very own man in blue!

Then me, the youngest (Kori, you know), trying to learn my way around the new job managing the work load of many web developers… without having any web development knowledge. However, big news here – I’m looking to buy my own home! It’s quite terrifying going from, “hey, I built my first website!” to “hey, I need a place to live, take all of my money!” But we’re all about growth in the McMahon household!

Speaking of growth… has anyone seen the pictures of the last Parti-colored litter?! Omg they’re still small but SO fluffy!! We’ve seen so many pups leave and then get pictures where they’re giants with totally different coats early on. Now we’re getting pictures where they look exactly like the day they left, it’s amazing! #Biology, am I right? My favorite part is seeing these fur-babes on adventures in their new homes though. From boating in the Florida Keys to hiking in Colorado, the CCK family knows how to spoil these beautiful puppers! I even just saw a commercial of one of the guys from a very early Doodle litter – it makes my heart so happy!!

Any who, time to update the website so we can continue to share the madness! Lots of fluffy cuddles and wet kisses to our CCK fam… from the dogs, not the people. That would just be weird!